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About knk

knk is an Indian Multinational conglomerate Brand in India, for all types of Paper, stationery and paper products is in the name of my father Doctor. Khader Nawaz Khan, founded with my mother Singaporean Mrs Fathima Beevi, “Fathima Xerox” in Puducherry, they heartly joined hands in developing their family business. The success paved way to the next level, as son I stepped into Paper and Printing business.. I'm Proud to say that I was moulded and polished as a business Man in the blessed hands of my God father H.M.Mohamed Ghouse and God Mother Mrs Mumtaj Begum Singaporeans, who also educated me.

They administer that the best qualities will make a better human being and a good human will be a best business man, more than finance a business man needs more faces to face the world i.e., Tolerance, Patience, Dignity, Temperance and Generosity to satisfy their customers. These are the business strategies thought to me from my childhood days for the premium way of behaving. The God sent four angels whom I mentioned above are the pillars of my life to strengthen each step. It was a blessing to undergo a research before I take up the business in full swing. I visited Indonesia, Thailand, Morocco, Singapore, Malaysia and several other countries. My family members crowned me in our family business, and a beautiful pearl was added in my way as my life partner From Morocco, Mrs Halima who stands next to me in all my line, in 2021 a precious stone is studded in my crown, my daughter Ameera.

My Humble thanks to My Worldwide Friends, Well-wishers, Manufacturers, Business Partners, Factories, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Embassies, Air & Sea Cargo, Logistics companies, Consulate, Banks, Product Dealers, My Employees, All my customers who are the main resource of my life to sustain as a successful business man. I pray the Almighty that my business path will continue ever with their Trust, Support and Love. The Love bond between us should be throughout.

Our Mission

It’s my privilege to inform you that our knk product helps people in many ways not only as a seller or buyer. To satisfy our customers with quality product, the profit of our business lies in their hearty blessings and happiness. As we also thank our partners and customers for our success and growth, we do share our happiness with charities to orphanages by donating money and food. We also donate note books and other stationary to differently abled people and children below the poverty line. Through these kinds of services my heart jumps out of contentment.

Our Vision

To launch our knk Delivery App Worldwide. To make our product to reach the rural students and people. To maintain the quality of our products. Our service will be ever with “Love and Care”.

Ours is a registered Firm with appropriate Government formalities